Biblioteket Skaberværelse Tingbjerg - Textile Inquiries

Gaia Colantonio


When people ask me about my thesis project they always expect a simple explanation. But Codesign expresses itself better through the “making” than through words. I will describe in this report how Bibliotekets Skaberværelse Tingbjerg (BST) can be a pilot project to explore and prototype new ways of collaboration between “maker spaces” and libraries. Through fixing, upcycling and making from scratch I want to promote new ways of looking at the space and at the community involved.

“Biblioteket Skaberværelse Tingbjerg - Textile Inquiries” is the title of a 3 month exploration about the potentials and challenges of using the practice of upcycling as an example of making and fixing in libraries. One of the outcomes of this exploration is a selection of upcycled t-shirts called “the B(ea)ST collection”, prototyped as an attempt to engage a group of teenage girls - working with their aesthetical preferences - from Tingbjerg, a neighborhood located 8 kms from the Copenhagen city center.

The B(ea)ST collection is a selection of upcycled t-shirts that are expressions of what is nowadays the impression of eco-fashion and, consequently, upcycled clothes.

During my project, I have analysed the phenomenon of fast fashion and how the counterclaim of this contemporary practice can be the concept of fast upcycling and fast fixing. The final outcome of my project is then a collection of tshirt but also a Workshop Kit and a lookbook to promote this sustainable activities and inspire new ways to prolongue the lifecycle of our clothes. 

The Workshop Kit is a selection of different techniques to fast-mending tshirts with no need of high skills in sewing. The lookbook is then an inspirational tool for who wants to start upcycling his/her own clothes. You can look at the lookbook at this link: