Camino del Sol

Bettina Ångström Nelson
Møbel & Objekt


Camino del Sol - Alone Together, Together Alone, is the project title of the materialization of an intrinsic movement evoked by the song Camino del Sol (Way of the Sun). The intrinsic movement is the movement within the self, often an emotional reaction to a specific moment. It does not occupy any physical space, but becomes a physical force in the mind. The challenge is to find the moment of emotional movement in order to identify and understand the intrinsic movement to materialize an equivalent universe, accessible to oneself and others. By being attentive to both the mind and the body, through the method of being emotionally aware and through the theory and method of space plus ‘something’, I have come to the understanding of my intrinsic movement to be the physical need to contract and release. The contraction and release has worked as a physical design principle throughout my project, but also as an intention for others to experience.