Cricket team "White Olives"

Trine Benneballe Bennicke
Fashion Design

My Masterproject 2015 is created within the world of cricket. The inspiration comes from british cricket and street cricket. Together these two elements creates a universe of shapes, colours and textile surfaces.

Originally I am educated as a fashion designer, but my passion and strength is all about textile elements like for instance digitalprint.

In this project I wanted to combine different textile techniques like print, quilt and weave. I worked paralell with techniques, shapes and colours which has created a very intuitive and organic process. 

The result has become a sporty and ellegant collection, consisting of 8 outfits for Spring Summer 2016. Colours are carefully put together and exclusive materials like silk and organic cotton are highly prioritized. The textile techniques creates a very playfull and luxurious look - like the two handweaved jackets. Digitalprint appears on a great deal of the garments and shows a consistency in the collection. 

Team "White Olives" playing for a united world

Spring Summer 2016 // Kollektion 

Design: Trine Bennicke
Hatte: Mathilde Førster & Trine Bennicke 
Foto: Mikkel Laumann
Make up og hår: Cecilie Fleur
Model: Nanna Maria Kaulberg - Le Management
Model: Louise Wedel - Le Management
Model: Nadia Wilches - Diva Models