In Dialogue

Susanne Elisabeth Olsson

This project is based on creating a collection of fashion textiles made up by the effect of placing elements in dialogue. The elements have been taken from Swedish folk wear and the region of Skåne. Combining both the natural origin and the cultural overlay, landscape has been the overall theme. Designed for contemporary smocks, the aim has been to create textiles that will take the smock out of the workspace and into a new context.

The appeal of the smock for me is found in the functionality and flexibility they offer. The functionality is found in the often very durable materials in combination with a voluminous shape. The unconfined shape is freeing the body and allowing for unrestrictive movement. You can dress a smock up or down, having the flexibility to wear it during the day or evening. The smock is also not attached to a specific season; you can wear it on its own or layer it, which makes it wearable all year around. This appeals to me from a slow fashion perspective so it was important to me to make textiles that include those aspects.

The collection presents jacquard and hand-woven double weaves, in combination with digital and heat-press printed textiles. Combining both traditional and modern techniques, my aspiration has been to create contemporary textiles that draw on traditional elements and present an interpretation of those without loosing reference.

The body has always been central to my work - as a dancer, yoga teacher and as textile designer. I place the body in the role of making in the creative process, whereby my designs are guided first by a sensing-feeling body, before thought filters my experience. My designs are a result of this felt-experience in dialogue with method, technique and analysis.




Artist Franck-François-Genès Chauvassaignes
I 2017-19 satser KADK på FN’s verdensmål
Det afspejler sig i forskning, undervisning og afgangsprojekter. Dette projekt har forholdt sig til følgende FN-mål:
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