ForgetMeNot - dementia friendly walking routes

Emmy Linde

A Co-Design project on how to create dementia friendly walking routes in collaboration with Næstved Municipality, Denmark. Through iterations of workshops, I have together with the other stakeholders been exploring ways of making a safe, inspiring and motivating walking route.

There is no cure for dementia, yet, but research has shown that physical activity can reduce symptoms of the disease. Symptoms such as depression, anxiety and restlessness. By reducing those symptoms the quality of life for the ones affected will increase. Therefor there is a need for safe and interesting physical activities. This walking route is one attempt to create something that inspire to use and that will keep people activated for longer.

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To get a deeper understanding of the everyday with the disease I have been taking part in the everyday life at Symfonien (nursinghome and activity center in Næstved), meeting professionals (caretakers, specialists, ergotherapists, physiotherapists and so on) and friends and family. Based on this I have facilitated 3 workshops and finally I have created a folder with 12 advices on how to create a dementia friendly walking route. 

Workshop 1 - "a walk with our senses"

During workshop 1 participants were divided into groups to create a walk to be explored through our senses. We all remember with our senses and for someone diagnosed with dementia it is even more important. Things we thought we lost can be remembered when triggered by a smell or a sound.

Workshop 1 - Create a walk with your senses
we remember with our senses
remembering with our senses
creating a walk with our senses
guiding the rest of the group through the walk

Workshop 2 - "walk the walk"

Workshop 2 was about exploring different staged stations with ideas on wayfinding and activities for a dementia friendly walking route, based on both research and the previous workshop.

walk the walk - exploring different ideas
walking the stairs
trying to find the hidden object
wayfinding by technology
outdoor instruments
exercising balance by walking on different materials
coffee break
wayfinding by signs
creating a kitchen garden

Workshop 3 - "NaturFitness with a twist"

The activity center at Symfonien was invited to explore and play the games provided. By adding a colorful and playful twist exercising was turned into a game. All activities was created to provide a variety of challenges, to make sure that everyone could participate on their own terms.

throwing a ball
playing together
boxing a ball
walking on uneven ground to exercise balance
walking on uneven ground to exercise balance
throwing a ball
supporting eachother
throwing rings
throwing rings
kicking a ball

12 advices

This is a folder with 12 advices, based on research, interviews and workshops, to be used when designing a dementia friendly walking route.


Project Report

If you want to know more about the project take a look at my project report provided below. And do not hesitate to contact me for questions or comments.