Illusory Functions

Maria Margarida Vilela Lopes Pereira
Keramisk Design

Is it possible to create a softness feeling in a visual senses level?

How can we bring value to an ordinary material not usually seen as beautiful?


We expect and predict tactile sensations based on surfaces appearance before we have touched it. Our past experience and impression of the materials affect our reaction to them. But how much does it help us to recognize something familiar when transformed and brought to new contexts?

My pieces represent compositions between foam and ceramic materials that play with visual and tactile senses. From shapes based on a classical ceramic symbol, the vase, to the deconstruction of it, I intend to give a new meaning and show the beauty in foam. I believe it is important to be open to new ways of seeing and working with materials, where we end up raising its value and change our perception of it.



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