Damir Krdzovic
Møbel & Objekt

My master thesis "Exploring the Joint in Furniture Design" came to be a research of Scandinavian and Balkan folklore, but with focus on the intuitive way of constructing in vernacular crafts and architecture.
Inspired by folklore aesthetics of two different cultures, I have designed a detail with the intention to bridge them.

Coming from Serbia- the heart of the Balkan peninsula- to Denmark, I have started to notice many differences in these two cultures. Being a design student, the most interesting difference for me was how people perceive aesthetics in a different way. For the time that I have spent in Denmark, I have noticed how function shapes the form in its simple and honest way, whereas in Serbia the function can sometimes be put aside in favor of abstract values. Therefore, in my point of view, Scandinavian simplicity stands opposite to the Balkans' symbolic complexity. These differences seems to be obvious; but then I wondered: what if I try to find similarities among them?.

This search led me to study traditional crafts and architecture of Scandinavia and the Balkans, travel throughout Serbia, Denmark and Sweden in order to meet the locals and learn the crafts from the best.

Proud to be different and learn from eachothers' cultures
Detail- side view
People should hold on each others' knowledge
Relaxing point
Balkan and Scandinavia
Table- a gathering point
Detail-front view
Tradition as a connective thread among people
Fiest is served
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