[ the last bell ]

Domantas Smaizys
Fashion, Clothing and Textiles

The Last Bell is a collection based on my personal life experiences of growing up gay in Lithuania.

For most of my childhood being told “not masculine enough” has affected my identity where today I am working from a state of nostalgia towards a sense of empowerment. I strive to challenge society’s perception of menswear archetypes to celebrate ones individuality.

Inspired by my memories, emotions and past experiences drives my design process to investigate contemporary menswear. Applying Jacques Derrida philosophy of deconstruction I was able to develop an aesthetic experience to discover my collection narrative.



  • Clothes: Domantas Smaizys / @domantassmaizys
  • Art work: Gourav Neogi / @neogi
  • Photography: Nicolas Andreou / @nicolas.odyssea.andreou_visual
  • Makeup/hair: Claudemyr Barata @mbba.beautyartist
  • Models: Wolf Model Agency / Magnus & Daniel /@magnuisance and @triumfvej 
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Gender equality (5)
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