Med Aptit för Insekter (With an Appetite for Insects)

Tina Karlström
Skrift & Wayfinding

Tenebrio is a game for 8–12 year olds. It consists of a board game and an app with different functions but with one common goal: to make the players positive about eating insects in their daily life. The game offers tastings, social sharing, knowledge about how to eat insects plus some fun facts. Eating insects is part of a rising movement hoping for a better way of eating and a more sustainable food system.

The process started within the problem of why it's difficult for us in the western hemisphere to eat insects. The target group (8–12 year olds) was identified and thereafter a strategy, concept and design was created. 

Tenebrio is a cool and social activity, that uses competition and play to spread knowledge about eating insects, using a familiar context with products that attracts the user. 

In the board game, the player is looking for ingredients for a taco; it must consist of a bread, salad, sauce and insects. The game takes place in the supermarket or the foodmarket – player's choice. The app is a social platform where the player can personlise the avatar and collect ingredients. The hunt for ingredients gives the player points that can be used to get real updates to the board game. 

Tenebrio board game
Board game packaging
Tenebrio board game
Board game content
Playing Tenebrio
Playing Tenebrio
Insect tasting
“Insects are disgusting. Things that are disgusting are offensive because of what they are. It’s not that insects taste bad. It’s that the idea of an insect is upsetting to people.”
Paul Rozin
Board game packaging
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