Qianyuan Zhang
Keramisk Design

This project aims to design a series of contemporary jewellery in ceramics inspired by Kintsugi, a traditional Asian ceramics-mending technique. In my project I use the technique decoratively and as means of constructing with elements. The fragile character of the objects themselves becomes part of their expression and thus the risk of breakage is always present and determines our relationship with them.

The overall concept of my project is highlighting or emphasizing imperfections, visualizing mends and seams as additive or an area to celebrate. I think anything suffering damage has potential to become more beautiful through mending and recreation – giving it new life. I wish the project to point to personal emotional perspectives of daily life, and thus engage with an audience through the act of mending – recreating one’s joy and pleasure at regaining a cherished object.

The relative lack of definition of contemporary jewellery is helpful for creative thinking – here in my project, artistic jewellery means non-pragmatic jewellery. The pieces are individual one - offs, not to be manufactured in series. With regards to a target group, I consider both jewellery collectors and other artists and persons who want to show their aesthetic taste through their use of jewellery