Multi Stroller

Christoffer Kronholm Petersen
Industriel Design

Multi Stroller - The Future of Strollers

The idea to create the Multi Stroller came from watching people throwing out there old strollers or giving them away to others. Todays strollers are made to transport children from A to B, and carry nessecary things on the move. 

The problem in todays strollers are very equal in the way they work and what they do for the users. Storage spaces are often made as a small baskets where things typically falls out or doesn't have the right space for things that needs carrying by the stroller.  

Getting arround the city with a stroller can some times be annoying for the user. In a city there is often many small spaces and difficult places to go. This means todays strollers may not allways be good for these areas, but the Multi Stroller is designed to cope with many of these small spaces. 

The Multi Stroller is perfect to be used by travelling parents in the Metro Systems arround the globe, but it's also handy when going shopping for example. The design and dimensions are perfect for these purposes.

Another key factor in the Multi Strollers design is the way it's constructed.

The construction of the strollers frame makes it possible to change the fabric part "module" and swap this into other parts "modules". This can be a module made for carrying a Golfbag or many other things. Multi Stroller is "Multi functional" and can therefore also be used for other purposes than the transportation of a child.

Children in the age of 6 month to 4 years can use the Multi Stroller.

When the child has grown up. The Multi Stroller gives new possibilities to the owner. It could be made into a shopping trolley/stroller, a sportsbag holding device or many other things. This means the Multi Strollers lifetime is longer than ordenary strollers we see on todays market.

Everything on the Multi Stroller is made simple. Simplicity is good. Also for the users, and it does not take much space when stored away when not in use. 


If you have any questions about the stroller pleace contact the designer.