The Vikinauts

Mathilde Mathislund
Fashion, Clothing and Textiles




This collection is inspired by the fusion of the Viking Age and astronauts. The project is an examination of how to create a collection of womenswear based on the functional similari- ties and aesthetic differences between the clothing of astronauts and vikings.

I am attracted by the strong look of the Vikings – by their heavy wool capes, comfortable dresses and durable leather pants. The vikings were explorers. This made me think of the explorers of our present: the astronauts. They travel through space, on missions, without any guarantee of achieving their goals or returning safely.

The space suits of the astronauts are made for protection. Similarly vikings used helmets, shields and leather clothing for protection. This points towards my goal as a designer:

Creating clothes which make the person who wears it feel strong.

In the fusion between the Viking Age and astronauts I find an interesting tension between past, present and future.



I am especially inspired by the vikings’ cut-out techniques, which makes the leather stretch, layers, colours in graphic block patterns, jewellery and handbags. From the astronauts’ clothing I am inspired by both old and new space suits, a lot of details, the BIG and the BOLD versus the SLIM and the TIGHT shapes and shiny materials.



My general method has been the collage technique, which is my preferred method of work- ing as it makes me work intuitively, open to coincidence, embracing new and sometimes unexpected shapes and colour combinations.



The collection is centred round eight outfits, consisting of 30 styles. Each outfit is inspired by collages put together by fragments of the Viking Age and space suits.



The materials reflect the contrast between the two themes. The Viking Age inspired me to use materials like leather, wool and lambskin. The astronauts inspired me to use shiny latex, extensible jersey and polyester.

Like the materials the colours are also higly-contrasting. The colours are inspired by the eight collages. While the colours inspired by the Vikings are brown, dark red, green, yellow and black, the colours inspired by the astronauts are white, light blue and light purple. This combination of colours gives the expression of the collection a twist.

I hope that a sense of humour is perceived in the fusion of the Viking Age and astronauts.



I create clothing that gives you status as brave and uncompromising. The clothes both expresses streetness and elegance. The collection is not inspired by a particular style, but consists of a mix of different styles, which is why it is suitable for several different images, looks and age groups.