Michala Bräuner Grønkjær
Fashion, Clothing and Textiles


“Plaster Saints“ is a collection based on reflections on Gentrification, both as a process and a mentality. The Collection aims is to portray the silliness of modern urban lifestyles dictated by hipster gurus and social media. By using the reflections of Sarah Schulmans book “Gentrification of the mind”, the collection creates awareness around the topic of both gentrification and the modern consumerism of trends in urban cities. 





Oh yes, finally Sunday in the city. Time for Brunch. Time for avocado toast and overpriced juice. Time to casually shop for groceries at the farmers market, handpicking one organic vegetable at a time. Time to stroll down the streets with my yoga mat in one hand and my newly groomed dog in the other. Time to feel healthy, to feel great, and be the good example for a healthier world. This is my urban life of privilege and, with one click of the camera, in front of a pink wall, I am perfect for Instagram. I will crop out the man on the street, asking for a coin, and I will post my selfie for the sake of a “like”.  Maybe, I will look up from my phone, see the worn-out factory underneath the thick layer of pink paint, and taste a hint of my own shallowness hidden in my way-too-extravagantly packaged charcoal juice. 

I 2017-19 satser KADK på FN’s verdensmål
Det afspejler sig i forskning, undervisning og afgangsprojekter. Dette projekt har forholdt sig til følgende FN-mål:
Reduced inequalities (10)
Sustainable cities and communities (11)
Responsible consumption and production (12)