Is Public Space Terminal?

Caroline Richardt Beck
Urbanism & Societal Change

 Reimagining the Interface Between Airport and City

The project suggests an alternative expansion plan for Kastrup Airport to what is currently planned. It differentiates itself from the typical non-place airport by exploiting the site specific potentials of the perimeter. The project studies visual and physical intersections between the traveller’s way through the terminals and the local citizen’s use of the new hybrid space.

The new terminals are distributed along the perimeter of the airport

Can terminal design not only respond the general organizing logic but also to the "logic" of a site?

Intersection Points - Ocean Terminal
Spatial Relations - Ocean Terminal
Intersection Points - Field Terminal
Spatial Relations - Field Terminal
Intersection Points - Urban Terminal
Spatial Relations - Urban Terminal
Ocean Terminal, model 1:1000
FieldTerminal, model 1:1000
UrbanTerminal, model 1:1000
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