A Story of Connections. An intergenerational community in The Faroe Islands based on shared living

Chanette Jørundsdóttir Hansen
Spatial Design

A Story of Connections is about designing housing for all ages in an abandoned stone quarry in The Faroe Islands. It is a proposal for how to give new life to a stone quarry and design housing that creates connections between the residents and connections to the site and context. 

The aim of the project is to unify the generations by providing opportunities for the residents to meet in an informal way through different shared spaces. Through the notion of sharing and community the project aims to reduce resources whilst encouraging interaction and sociability amongst the residents. The intention is to create a connection to the site and context by drawing inspiration from and by implementing elements of Faroese culture.   

The proposal is to fill up part of the stone quarry with stones from an ongoing tunnel construction while making space for underground parking. Two large shared gardens are carved out of the new landscape and provide shelter from the strong winds that at times dominate The Faroe Islands. The houses are organised in clusters and placed on top of the landscape around the shared gardens. The shared rooms are placed below each cluster of houses. 

Through my thesis work I have explored old and new architecture in The Faroe Islands and combined my findings with my interest for shared living and cohousing.

Thesis project programme

Site model
Section model
Visual of the shared garden
Visual of the shared rooms
Elevation showing the construction
Plans of the apartments

Below you can see all the drawings above as well as the rest of the project drawings and images in a larger format.

In the upper left section of my profile I have uploaded five booklets (PDF files) containing my research and sources of inspiration. 

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