Tactics from Havana

Levke Maria Danker
Political Architecture: Critical Sustainability

Resisting the Housing Crisis

Métis can be translated as cunning intelligence combining knowledge, ability and experience in one. It is the ultimate form of knowledge, which allows a person to adapt to constantly shifting situations while having the capacity to understand and hence outwit one’s adversaries. Havana as well as any other bigger city is a mutant and constantly transforming. This is why I propose the implementation of Urban intervention centres catalysing the achievement of métis. They are spread all over Havana in order to support Havana’s inhabitants and its future urban experts, the local architecture students, to withstand the housing crisis. The intervention centres are places where architecture students live and use the suggested typology to develop architectural interventions in the surrounding neighbourhoods, to exhibit and to archive these investigations and through all of that catalyse the exchange of knowledge about construction tactics.

Collection of Experiences, Explorations and Analysis of Havana’s Urban Condition

Re-Adjusting the City

Thesis Program

Thesis Program

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