Ruth Elizabeth Simmonds Duggan

This project is based on interpreting the tactile qualities found in nature into printed textiles. The fabrics are designed to draw your attention to your sense of touch. The work is made up of several research based studies including; colour, motif, technique and material to discover how they interact with each other. All the pieces are screen printed by hand.

What drives me as a designer is creating contemporary surfaces through print techniques and bringing them together with colour and pattern design. I want to celebrate these elements in the context of the body. 

The aim of this project is to make a spectacle of the possibilities of textile materiality and tactility. It is a marriage of the two senses; sight and touch, aesthetic and tactility. 

In order to stimulate our sensory imagination and allowing us to pay attention to our sense of touch when exploring material, I wanted to design a collection of textiles that draws your attention initially through aesthetic and leads us to discover the pleasures of tactility in the qualities I have created. 

I wanted to study the surfaces that hold strange grooves, repetitive bumps and ribbed details that raise and lower to create rhythm for you to feel as you run your fingers over.