the unmaking machine

Ka Chun Lee
Urbanism & Societal Change

This project explores the ways to deconstruct buildings in which the process of unmaking buildings can contribute to the making of the city. It refers to a series of urban transformation that exercised in building scale.
The 27km light rail project Ring 3 running from Lundtofte to Ishøj provokes redevelopment along the ring. Among these areas, Gladsaxe Ringby, a former industrial area located 10km north-west from centre Copenhagen has adopted new master plan in 2011, where a number of unqualified industrial buildings will be demolished and replaced by multi-storeys office buildings in the next couple of decades. The moments where a building is abandoned, demolished and before new construction takes place are being overlooked in urban planning.

It is very often that we demolish building in an efficient and highly engineered way. As criticized by Keller Easterling, usually we see the existing components as obstacle to new materials, the materials of a new and superior design. Almost no design effort has been applied in this area of deconstruction. Indeed, these old buildings are resources in the city.
Thus, the actions of unmaking,is taken as driver for urban development. The process of deconstruction on chosen buildings is divided into phrases, where temporary occupation and slow dismantling work take place gradually. The ways buildings’ materials and components disperse are exploded to public, which in turn added social qualities to these mechanical operations. It suggests an alternative genuine of building transformation that take place in an chaotic context. It endeavours to deal with the temporality in the deconstruction sites.


lærer: Kathrin Sussana Gimmel


timeline, the unmaking machine, Gladsaxe Ringby

thesis report

building photo, depot
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details model, the unmaking machine, 1:50, gate