World-building for Games:

Alexander Brehmer Bjørkholm
Visual Game and Media Design


The project experiments with world-building, game design and visual art direction in tandem around the concept of sentient plant life. 

World-building is used to design the setting, narrative, characters, etc.
Game design presents a media for interaction with the world-building.
Art direction is used to provide the atmosphere and communication of the game design.


"Ningishzida" is a parallel world designed on the premise that plantlife developed sentience through rapid evolutionary mutation. Humans of a post-industrial era then tried to contain and control the development, leading to the first plantfolk experiencing mankind as a threat, polarising the two factions into never-ending conflict.

"Arboreal Annihilation" is a conceptual game design set in the world of Ningishzida. It emphasises the narrative and setting with gameplay through a combination of Real-Time Strategy and Action Platforming mechanics. It then communicates setting, atmosphere and gameplay through its visual art style. 

Design Hierarchy
World-building - Concept Art, Writing and Setting design
Game Design - RTS and Action Platforming, Mechanics and Content
Art Direction - Style Testing and Applied Graphics
World-building - Example of Climate
Game Design - Player Controls
Cyborg Character Concept Art
Cyborg Character Art
Level Design Sketch
Level Design
Characters in Level
Combat Example