Workshops and Labs

Excellent conditions and a positive study/development environment are vital to the creation of efficient educational programmes. We are proud of our conditions, in which KADK's workshops, laboratories and study facilities are an active component in the programmes' teaching, research and innovation projects. 

The workshops are a nerve of the educational programmes. It is here that study and research projects take shape, and that students, teachers and researchers meet to conduct experiments and tests in 1:1.  

Who can use the the Workshops?

Work in the workshops and laboratories is included both in KADK's educational programmes and in research and development projects. This is where material meets theory and where research and innovation take place. 

Students have access to the workshops, laboratories and collections associated with the discipline, for which they have been admitted.  Security is a high priority, and several workshops and laboratories require in-depth training courses to ensure that both technique and craft are as they should be. The use of the workshops' machinery, programmes and other facilities takes place in cooperation with our skilled workshop leaders and staff, who are involved in the teaching. 

As part of the the education, there will be a fee for materials in courses and projects, and in conjunction with work in the school's workshops.